Month: August 2015

Chile Harvest

The heady aroma of chiles blistering over an open flame wafts through the farmer’s market these days in Santa Fe. Bushels of brightly colored green, red and yellow chiles are everywhere. Whether you like them hot, hot, hot or mildly smokey – you’ll find just the right pepper to get your chile fix! In New Mexico we spell our peppers “c-h-i-l-e” and ask for “Christmas” on our huevo rancheros. That’s how we know if you’re a native or just passing through. Image title: Chile Harvest Purchase this microstock image in various sizes at: Dreamstime

I Want to Be a Cowgirl

I Want to Be a Cowgirl

I bought these spangled rhinestone cowboy boots awhile back. The touch of glam against distressed leather had an instant appeal factor. So much so, that I decided to photograph my funky boots as part of a still life. Lacking an appropriate weathered backdrop, I searched through my backlog of photographs.  This sumptuously distressed beauty of a background was the perfect accompaniment. It was easily dropped into the image using Photoshop. And there you have it – the microstock photo “I Want to Be a Cowgirl” was born! Image title: I Want to Be a Cowgirl To purchase this microstock photo in various sizes, go to: Dreamstime  

Kiva Ladder to the Sky

Kiva Ladder to the Sky

I have an image embedded in my brain of a ladder magically reaching upwards into the sky. Somewhere in my psyche, this idea can be traced back to two sources: memories of the Bible story, Jacob’s Ladder, from Catechism classes and later, from a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe entitled “Ladder to the Moon”. Yeah, it was just a daydream I fancied from childhood through my adult life. So a few years ago I created my own mystical ladder in the sky using two separate images and Photoshop. The result was a bold, bright conceptual photograph entitled “Kiva Ladder to the Sky”.  It’s proven to be a successful microstock image – and a large fine art version hangs in my home! Image title: Kiva Ladder to the Sky To purchase this microstock image in various sizes, go to: Dreamstime You can also select products printed with this image at: Redbubble (smart phone cases, iPad case or laptop sleeve, fine art prints, pillows, mugs, bags, journals, and more!)

Big Sky Clouds

Big Sky Clouds

Traveling on Interstate 25, heading south between Pueblo, Colorado and Raton, New Mexico, this is the view of the wide-open prairie. Amazing cotton-ball clouds hung in the air that day, as if Ms. O’Keeffe had painted them herself. That little voice inside of me prodded, “take the picture, take the picture!” Luckily I was a backseat passenger that day, with my camera by my side. Of course the driver was trying to make good time and had no intentions of pulling over on the side of the highway so I could snap a photo. So I did the next best thing. I rolled down the window, braced my lens against the onslaught of rushing air, held my breath and shot off as many photos as I could before the big-sky landscape was gone from view. I knew most of the images would probably be blurry with motion, but I had to take the chance. So glad that I did. I was rewarded with one perfect photo and “Big Sky Clouds” has now become my top-selling microstock image! Image title: …

Ancient Tile

Ancient Tile

Sometimes it’s all about the details. Walk through the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico and you’ll come across panels of brightly colored Mexican tile on the exterior of many adobe buildings. Just a bit of  frivolity and whimsy to brighten the mud-brown walls of the city. I particularly like photographing these decorative architectural elements, as they make beautiful microstock images used as “patterns” or “backgrounds”. Image title: Ancient Tile To purchase this microstock photo in various sizes, go to: Dreamstime

Forsythia in the Spring

Forsythia in Spring

As I strolled through the tiny village of Galisteo, New Mexico one chilly spring morning, I spied a forsythia bush growing within the walled-garden of an ancient adobe home. I love the yellow blooms of forsythia, fluttering in the breeze – beckoning fickle spring to finally arrive. The name itself sweetly tickles the tongue as it falls from our lips. If ever I had a daughter, I would name her “Forsythia”. On tip-toes, I peeked over the garden wall and quickly snapped a few photos before anyone noticed my presence. Image title: Forsythia in Spring To purchase this microstock image, go to: Dreamstime or Bigstock Photo

Big Diesel, Blue Sky

Big Diesel, Blue Sky

Several years ago, I worked for an industrial manufacturer. Part of my job was to photograph large stainless steel parts before and while they were being loaded onto flatbed semi-trucks parked in our lot. Having never been a “gear-head” or anything remotely close to mechanically inclined, I was surprised by my fascination with the big rigs. Many had unique paint jobs that their proud owners kept shiny clean. So while I was passing the time waiting for skids to be loaded, I would snap a few photos of each diesel truck from different angles. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with my growing collection of semis. After a bit of tinkering in Photoshop – wiping the truck clean of any logos, isolating the vehicle then dropping in a perky new sky – I had quite a nice grouping of microstock images. Since the vehicles were parked and I was able to get up-close and personal with them, my big rigs had a certain dramatic flair that proved quite sellable as stock photos. Today my collection, “Diesels by …

Car with Guadalupe

Car with Guadalupe

“Car with Guadalupe” is a once-in-a-lifetime photo! It was photographed back in the mid-90’s when I was still shooting film (you remember film don’t you). One sunny morning, I was driving in downtown Santa Fe when my eye caught this enticing vignette. I couldn’t have set-up a more perfect photo! Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me. Praying that the rusty car would stay parked before the eye-popping Guadalupe fresco, I rushed home to grab my camera and a roll of Kodachrome – a 20 minute drive both ways! Luckily I returned to find everything untouched. Standing in the middle of the street, I had just minutes to snapped several photos from this vantage point before 4 lanes of traffic threaten bodily harm. The mural was stuccoed over many years ago and I never saw that car again. But I thank the photo gods that I was in the right place, at the right time. Today I consider this image one of my quintessential Santa Fe photos! Plus one of the most popular selections in my Dreamstime portfolio. Image title: Car with …

Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier National Monument

There’s something about portals that get me every time! I can’t walk by an interesting window, a weathered door, a mysterious hallway or an ancient passageway without stopping to snap a photograph. I’ve often taken visitors to Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos, New Mexico. Tucked within a protected canyon, the cliff dwellings were home to the Ancient Ones. Once known as Anasazi, they are considered the ancestors of the modern Pueblo people of the southwest. Today the ruins are protected. The wooden kiva ladder that leads to a dark opening in the cliff side has always drawn me in, inviting me to visit another era – a forgotten culture. Image title: Bandelier National Monument To purchase this microstock image in different sizes, go to: Dreamstime   

Cracks in the Earth

Cracks in the Earth

When I create microstock images, I always keep in mind textures and patterns. Noticing the smallest detail that unexpectedly pops up before you, can lead to a successful stock photo. While hiking one day in an isolated area of New Mexico, I came upon a large area of parched dirt. It was a perfect natural pattern, representative of our drought stricken, global warming environment. I was mesmerized by the deep cracks and photographed the scene from several different angles and perspectives. Image title: Cracks in the Earth To purchase this microstock image in different sizes: go to Dreamstime or Bigstock Photo