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Kiva Ladder to the Sky

Kiva Ladder to the Sky

I have an image embedded in my brain of a ladder magically reaching upwards into the sky. Somewhere in my psyche, this idea can be traced back to two sources: memories of the Bible story, Jacob’s Ladder, from Catechism classes and later, from a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe entitled “Ladder to the Moon”. Yeah, it was just a daydream I fancied from childhood through my adult life.

So a few years ago I created my own mystical ladder in the sky using two separate images and Photoshop. The result was a bold, bright conceptual photograph entitled “Kiva Ladder to the Sky”.  It’s proven to be a successful microstock image – and a large fine art version hangs in my home!

Image title: Kiva Ladder to the Sky
To purchase this microstock image in various sizes, go to: Dreamstime
You can also select products printed with this image at: Redbubble
(smart phone cases, iPad case or laptop sleeve, fine art prints, pillows, mugs, bags, journals, and more!)

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