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I Want to Be a Cowgirl

I Want to Be a Cowgirl

I bought these spangled rhinestone cowboy boots awhile back. The touch of glam against distressed leather had an instant appeal factor. So much so, that I decided to photograph my funky boots as part of a still life. Lacking an appropriate weathered backdrop, I searched through my backlog of photographs.  This sumptuously distressed beauty of a background was the perfect accompaniment. It was easily dropped into the image using Photoshop. And there you have it – the microstock photo “I Want to Be a Cowgirl” was born!

Image title: I Want to Be a Cowgirl
To purchase this microstock photo in various sizes, go to: Dreamstime


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I'm a photographer and digital artist. My passions are reading, traveling, art, hiking and genealogy. Between excursions to explore other countries and cultures, I spend most of my time building my family genealogy blog and creating digital art.

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