Month: September 2015

Old Car at Sunset

Old Car at Sunset

Sometimes I just want to have fun with my photographs! For some reason I’m attracted to old cars. We seem to have an abundance of them in New Mexico. You can find them parked along the road in any village. Sometimes they run – and sometimes they’re just for show. If I have a camera handy, I just can’t help myself; they’re eye candy that I can’t resist. I spotted this antique beauty many years ago in the village of Madrid along the Turquoise Trail in New Mexico. It begged to have a splashy sunset decorate the background. So I whipped one up in Photoshop and “Old Car at Sunset” was created. Image title: Old Car at Sunset To purchase this stock image in various sizes, go to Dreamstime.

Coming Storm

Coming Storm

With the last few weeks of warm weather lingering, our feet still in sandals and thoughts of winter a distant memory, this stock image might seem out-of-season. But for those planning holiday promotions or websites that showcase winter, it’s right on time! “Coming Storm” was another one of my grab-shots from a moving car. We were driving home from a family vacation at Yellowstone National Park. It was the first week of October and an early winter snowstorm was forecast for that day. Driving through the prairies of Wyoming, heading south along the Rockies, we were hoping to outrun the storm before the roads became snow-covered. Luckily I was a passenger on this trip, allowing me the luxury to daydream and watch the passing scenery from the backseat. The sky had turned gray and threatening. On my right I saw a line of cows, their backs snowy-white, heading towards safe cover. As I looked to my left, a small hill rose above the plain with a cluster of trees decorating its summit. Temperatures had dropped and snow was now clinging to the scruffy landscape. …



One day I was driving in the country (just about everyplace in New Mexico is “in the country”!) and decided to stop in the little village of Galisteo. Every time I passed this way, a row of mailboxes standing guard at the edge of the dusty dirt parking lot, caught me eye. I circled back around, put the car in park and grabbed my camera. To add a bit of interest, I flipped up the red flag of the blue mailbox. Photographing from a low angle, I was able to crop out much of the background trees. Back home, I Photoshopped out the rest of the vegetation, leaving me with a clean blue sky. Such a simple image – yet “Mailboxes” has been one of my best-sellers in my Dreamstime portfolio. Image title: Mailboxes Purchase this stock image in various sizes at: Dreamstime

Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl Close-Up

Sometimes just the right situation presents itself and a photograph is born. I was at my neighborhood shopping center, a small cluster of stores around a central plaza, when I spied a gentleman giving a demonstration with several large birds. Now these weren’t just any bird, they were raptors! Glorious powerful creatures that demand your attention. The handler was from the Santa Fe Raptor Center, a sanctuary that rescues injured birds, helps them through rehabilitation and finally releases them back to their natural habitat. That day the handler had brought a red-tailed hawk, a golden eagle and a little burrowing owl as part of their community outreach program. I jumped into my car, raced home for my camera and was back in time to snap several photographs of raptors up close and personal. Image title: Burrowing Owl Close-Up Purchase this microstock image in various sizes, at Dreamstime

Bolzano, Italy

Castle Mareccio, Bolzano, Italy

One of my favorite travel destinations is Bolzano, Italy (or Bozen in German). Located at the base of the Alps in Northern Italy, the city is a blend of ancient and new, German and Italian, tradition and diversity. This is the land of castles! And many stud the hillsides around Bolzano, their stone turrets poking above the landscape. The location of Castle Marrecio, pictured here, is unusual. Rather than perched on a lofty cliff overlooking the city, it is a stately landmark of a quiet neighborhood surrounded by working vineyards. Dating back to the 12th century, the castle has been home to various sovereigns and wealthy families. Restored in the 1980’s , it is now used as a convention center and wedding hall. Image title: Castle Mareccio, Bolzano, Italy Purchase this microstock image in various sizes at Dreamstime

Indian Corn

Indian Corn

Indian corn, also known as Flint corn or calico corn, is a true harbinger of autumn. The dried cobs of many-colored kernels were originally cultivated by Native American tribes, dating back to 1000 BC. Today it is mainly grown for decorative purposes, but can also be consumed in the form of hominy. I came across this perfect little still life on a table at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market. There was no arranging needed – just a quick snap of the shutter as I passed by. Image title: Indian Corn Purchase this microstock image in various sizes at Dreamstime

Santa Fe Adobe

Early Morning Shadows

Early morning in Santa Fe, NM is the best time to capture our clear, high-desert light. The city is still and quiet. Tourists have not budged from their beds yet. Cool morning temps are accented by warm sunlight filtering through trees, wrapping shadows around mud-brown adobes. Canyon Road, a narrow busy street of shops and galleries, is empty at 7:00 in the morning. The occasional “local” jogs by, out for an early run with their dog. It’s a lovely town at this time of day, transporting you back to a neighborhood owned by native Santa Feans, children playing by the river, and the school bell ringing in the old brick one-room school-house on the hill. Image title: Early Morning Shadows Purchase this microstock image in various sizes at: Dreamstime