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Coming Storm

Coming Storm

With the last few weeks of warm weather lingering, our feet still in sandals and thoughts of winter a distant memory, this stock image might seem out-of-season. But for those planning holiday promotions or websites that showcase winter, it’s right on time!

Coming Storm” was another one of my grab-shots from a moving car. We were driving home from a family vacation at Yellowstone National Park. It was the first week of October and an early winter snowstorm was forecast for that day. Driving through the prairies of Wyoming, heading south along the Rockies, we were hoping to outrun the storm before the roads became snow-covered. Luckily I was a passenger on this trip, allowing me the luxury to daydream and watch the passing scenery from the backseat.

The sky had turned gray and threatening. On my right I saw a line of cows, their backs snowy-white, heading towards safe cover. As I looked to my left, a small hill rose above the plain with a cluster of trees decorating its summit. Temperatures had dropped and snow was now clinging to the scruffy landscape. Storm clouds edged the horizon, darkening the morning light. Lowering the window just enough to inch my lens through the opening, I held my breath and pressed the shutter, hoping there would be no motion blur to ruin the pristine image. The result was one perfect photograph – a starkly simple landscape capturing the essence of winter with a zen-like quality.

Image title: Coming Storm
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