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Coral Beach

Coral Beach in Maui

As winter winds begin to blow, a get-a-way to the Hawaiian islands seems mighty enticing. Maui has always been a favorite place for my husband and I. Beautiful beaches, spectacular hiking, warm ocean breezes in January!

Last year, during our escape to Maui, we decided to hike the lava fields on the south end of the island. As we meandered along the coastline, in route to the brick-hard no-man’s land that makes up the Hoapili Trail, a confusing path that snakes through the lava fields, we came across a black beach. Created of crushed lava rock and dark coral, the beach was a small, isolated alcove on the edge of the desolate fields. And there on the beach someone had taken the time to gather white coral from the surf, carefully spelling out “Maui” for the amusement of other passersby. It was the perfect stock image, yearning to be photographed before high tide stole it away.

Image title: Coral Beach
This stock image is available in various sizes through: Dreamstime

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