LaRoach in Machu Picchu

Louise Roach (aka LaRoach) in Machu Picchu, Peru – 2014

I have been a photographer for over 35 years. My past professional experience includes studio portraiture, weddings and industrial product photography.

Now I photograph for fun and enjoy whatever passes in front of my camera. Travel is a big part of my life – so you’ll find many of my images represent the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen. My online artist name is “LaRoach” (aka – Louise A. Roach).  If you’re looking for a photo of a southwest adobe to grace your website or a cobble street in Cusco for your travel brochure, stop by and browse my online portfolio of affordable mircrostock images.

To view and purchase my microstock photography, go to:
Dreamstime, portfolio of LaRoach or Bigstock Photo, portfolio of LaRoach

You can also find my digital art creations and custom-designed products at:
Redbubble, portfolio of LaRoach

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