Author: L.Roach

Butterfly with Purple Flowers

Butterfly with Purple Flowers

Summer has finally arrived! The flowers are blooming, butterflies are fluttering, and the world is painted once again with nature’s brushstrokes. One summer eve, I found this delicate swallowtail butterfly playing among the purple Russian sage growing in my front garden. It has become another popular pick of buyers from my stock photo portfolio. Title of stock photo: Butterfly with Purple Flowers This stock image is available at: Dreamstime

Stock photo - Sunset on Solar Panels

Sunset on Solar Panels

Some photos simply happen right before your eyes – just grab your camera and find the right angle. This solar array generates all of the electricity for my home. It stands right next to our house, efficiently taking in the sun’s rays every day, creating clean renewable power and silently fighting climate change. Yep, my husband and I are extremely proud of our array! One afternoon I was admiring a cold winter sunset as it glowed on the horizon. Looking over at the photovoltaic cells, I noticed the clouds had painted vibrant strokes over the dark panels. As the colors were fading fast, I quickly grabbed my camera, dashed out the door and snapped two or three images at a low angle before the sun dipped out-of-site. Late, when I downloaded the photos to my computer, I loved what I saw! A gorgeous solar landscape! Title of stock photo: Sunset on Solar Panels This stock image is available at: Dreamstime

Stock Photo - On the Road

On the Road

Does wanderlust run in your veins? Ever get the itch to travel wherever the road leads you? The Irish have a beautiful saying – “May the road rise up to meet you.” I had these words in mind when I created this photographic montage. That’s right – this scene only exist in my computer. The winter landscape was photographed close to my home in New Mexico. But the old suitcase was photographed and dropped in later. The travel stickers were digitally created in Photoshop, then superimposed upon the 50’s-style suitcase, along with a layer of grunge to suitably age them. And there you have it … a travel stock image with a touch of retro thrown in for fun. Title of stock photo: On the Road This stock image is available at: Dreamstime  

Snowy Morning

A typical snowy morning in New Mexico! The shadows of our ever-present black ravens against a high desert winter sky, just a reminder that they are patrolling their territory. Feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo! Title: Snowy Morning This stock image can be purchased in various sizes at: Dreamstime

One Man's Journey

One Man’s Journey

The simple austerity of White Sands, New Mexico can take your breath away! Brilliant white dunes of gypsum sand against an endless clear azure sky feels surreal. “One Man’s Journey” is a basic, uncomplicated stock photo. Yet elevate it to metaphor and the image is symbolic of hope, spiritual seeking, travel and life’s pathway. Image title: One Man’s Journey This stock photo is available in various sizes at: Dreamstime

Coral Beach in Maui

Coral Beach

As winter winds begin to blow, a get-a-way to the Hawaiian islands seems mighty enticing. Maui has always been a favorite place for my husband and I. Beautiful beaches, spectacular hiking, warm ocean breezes in January! Last year, during our escape to Maui, we decided to hike the lava fields on the south end of the island. As we meandered along the coastline, in route to the brick-hard no-man’s land that makes up the Hoapili Trail, a confusing path that snakes through the lava fields, we came across a black beach. Created of crushed lava rock and dark coral, the beach was a small, isolated alcove on the edge of the desolate fields. And there on the beach someone had taken the time to gather white coral from the surf, carefully spelling out “Maui” for the amusement of other passersby. It was the perfect stock image, yearning to be photographed before high tide stole it away. Image title: Coral Beach This stock image is available in various sizes through: Dreamstime

Pile of Pumpkins

Pile of Pumpkins

OK – I had to sneak another pumpkin photo into the blog! This perfect little display was set up outside of our Whole Foods grocery store. Yep, I’ll snap a nice stock image wherever and whenever I see it – even at the supermarket! It always pays to have your camera along for the ride. Image title: Pile of Pumpkins Stock image can be purchased in various sizes at: Dreamstime

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Since it is the season of ghosts and goblins, I had to post a few pumpkin pics to celebrate October. We have a church in Santa Fe that has a huge pumpkin fundraiser every year. They fill the grounds around the church and part of the parking lot with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. It’s a family tradition to stop at St. John’s each year and select just the right pumpkin for your front porch. If my camera is in the car, I have to pull over and snap a few quickies. It’s a beautiful site to see piles of pumpkins in all of their orange glory! Image title: Pumpkin Patch Stock image is available in various sizes at: Dreamstime