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Butterfly with Purple Flowers

Butterfly with Purple Flowers

Summer has finally arrived! The flowers are blooming, butterflies are fluttering, and the world is painted once again with nature’s brushstrokes. One summer eve, I found this delicate swallowtail butterfly playing among the purple Russian sage growing in my front garden. It has become another popular pick of buyers from my stock photo portfolio. Title of stock photo: Butterfly with Purple Flowers This stock image is available at: Dreamstime

Snowy Morning

A typical snowy morning in New Mexico! The shadows of our ever-present black ravens against a high desert winter sky, just a reminder that they are patrolling their territory. Feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo! Title: Snowy Morning This stock image can be purchased in various sizes at: Dreamstime

Lonely Cow on the Prairie

Lonely Cow on the Prairie

I love hiking. To be outside under the magnificent New Mexican blue sky, drinking in brilliant sunshine … it’s intoxicating. One of my favorite hiking jaunts is the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) area around the Galisteo Dam near the Cochiti Pueblo south of Santa Fe. It’s an arid, cacti-studded prairie with rarely a drop of water in the deep arroyos that slice through the land. And yes, laughably, there is a huge earthen dam built right in the middle of this desert. It’s a multi-million dollar boondoggle from some 1960’s bureaucracy created to control flood waters (???). Anyway … this is where we hike during the Spring and Autumn months. Driving back one afternoon from an exhilarating trek, our backpack filled with interesting rocks and petrified wood, we spotted a lonesome cow beside the deserted road. She was obviously curious about us and why we were disturbing her domain. Lowering the window, I waved howdy and snapped her picture. Like a pro, she stood very still – almost posing for her portrait. I like to think that “Lonely Cow on the Prairie” captures the true southwest when you get off the …

Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl Close-Up

Sometimes just the right situation presents itself and a photograph is born. I was at my neighborhood shopping center, a small cluster of stores around a central plaza, when I spied a gentleman giving a demonstration with several large birds. Now these weren’t just any bird, they were raptors! Glorious powerful creatures that demand your attention. The handler was from the Santa Fe Raptor Center, a sanctuary that rescues injured birds, helps them through rehabilitation and finally releases them back to their natural habitat. That day the handler had brought a red-tailed hawk, a golden eagle and a little burrowing owl as part of their community outreach program. I jumped into my car, raced home for my camera and was back in time to snap several photographs of raptors up close and personal. Image title: Burrowing Owl Close-Up Purchase this microstock image in various sizes, at Dreamstime