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Stock Photo - On the Road

On the Road

Does wanderlust run in your veins? Ever get the itch to travel wherever the road leads you? The Irish have a beautiful saying – “May the road rise up to meet you.” I had these words in mind when I created this photographic montage. That’s right – this scene only exist in my computer. The winter landscape was photographed close to my home in New Mexico. But the old suitcase was photographed and dropped in later. The travel stickers were digitally created in Photoshop, then superimposed upon the 50’s-style suitcase, along with a layer of grunge to suitably age them. And there you have it … a travel stock image with a touch of retro thrown in for fun. Title of stock photo: On the Road This stock image is available at: Dreamstime  

One Man's Journey

One Man’s Journey

The simple austerity of White Sands, New Mexico can take your breath away! Brilliant white dunes of gypsum sand against an endless clear azure sky feels surreal. “One Man’s Journey” is a basic, uncomplicated stock photo. Yet elevate it to metaphor and the image is symbolic of hope, spiritual seeking, travel and life’s pathway. Image title: One Man’s Journey This stock photo is available in various sizes at: Dreamstime

Old Car at Sunset

Old Car at Sunset

Sometimes I just want to have fun with my photographs! For some reason I’m attracted to old cars. We seem to have an abundance of them in New Mexico. You can find them parked along the road in any village. Sometimes they run – and sometimes they’re just for show. If I have a camera handy, I just can’t help myself; they’re eye candy that I can’t resist. I spotted this antique beauty many years ago in the village of Madrid along the Turquoise Trail in New Mexico. It begged to have a splashy sunset decorate the background. So I whipped one up in Photoshop and “Old Car at Sunset” was created. Image title: Old Car at Sunset To purchase this stock image in various sizes, go to Dreamstime.

Kiva Ladder to the Sky

Kiva Ladder to the Sky

I have an image embedded in my brain of a ladder magically reaching upwards into the sky. Somewhere in my psyche, this idea can be traced back to two sources: memories of the Bible story, Jacob’s Ladder, from Catechism classes and later, from a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe entitled “Ladder to the Moon”. Yeah, it was just a daydream I fancied from childhood through my adult life. So a few years ago I created my own mystical ladder in the sky using two separate images and Photoshop. The result was a bold, bright conceptual photograph entitled “Kiva Ladder to the Sky”.  It’s proven to be a successful microstock image – and a large fine art version hangs in my home! Image title: Kiva Ladder to the Sky To purchase this microstock image in various sizes, go to: Dreamstime You can also select products printed with this image at: Redbubble (smart phone cases, iPad case or laptop sleeve, fine art prints, pillows, mugs, bags, journals, and more!)