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Butterfly with Purple Flowers

Butterfly with Purple Flowers

Summer has finally arrived! The flowers are blooming, butterflies are fluttering, and the world is painted once again with nature’s brushstrokes. One summer eve, I found this delicate swallowtail butterfly playing among the purple Russian sage growing in my front garden. It has become another popular pick of buyers from my stock photo portfolio. Title of stock photo: Butterfly with Purple Flowers This stock image is available at: Dreamstime

Pile of Pumpkins

Pile of Pumpkins

OK – I had to sneak another pumpkin photo into the blog! This perfect little display was set up outside of our Whole Foods grocery store. Yep, I’ll snap a nice stock image wherever and whenever I see it – even at the supermarket! It always pays to have your camera along for the ride. Image title: Pile of Pumpkins Stock image can be purchased in various sizes at: Dreamstime

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Since it is the season of ghosts and goblins, I had to post a few pumpkin pics to celebrate October. We have a church in Santa Fe that has a huge pumpkin fundraiser every year. They fill the grounds around the church and part of the parking lot with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. It’s a family tradition to stop at St. John’s each year and select just the right pumpkin for your front porch. If my camera is in the car, I have to pull over and snap a few quickies. It’s a beautiful site to see piles of pumpkins in all of their orange glory! Image title: Pumpkin Patch Stock image is available in various sizes at: Dreamstime  

Indian Corn

Indian Corn

Indian corn, also known as Flint corn or calico corn, is a true harbinger of autumn. The dried cobs of many-colored kernels were originally cultivated by Native American tribes, dating back to 1000 BC. Today it is mainly grown for decorative purposes, but can also be consumed in the form of hominy. I came across this perfect little still life on a table at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market. There was no arranging needed – just a quick snap of the shutter as I passed by. Image title: Indian Corn Purchase this microstock image in various sizes at Dreamstime

Chile Harvest

The heady aroma of chiles blistering over an open flame wafts through the farmer’s market these days in Santa Fe. Bushels of brightly colored green, red and yellow chiles are everywhere. Whether you like them hot, hot, hot or mildly smokey – you’ll find just the right pepper to get your chile fix! In New Mexico we spell our peppers “c-h-i-l-e” and ask for “Christmas” on our huevo rancheros. That’s how we know if you’re a native or just passing through. Image title: Chile Harvest Purchase this microstock image in various sizes at: Dreamstime

Forsythia in the Spring

Forsythia in Spring

As I strolled through the tiny village of Galisteo, New Mexico one chilly spring morning, I spied a forsythia bush growing within the walled-garden of an ancient adobe home. I love the yellow blooms of forsythia, fluttering in the breeze – beckoning fickle spring to finally arrive. The name itself sweetly tickles the tongue as it falls from our lips. If ever I had a daughter, I would name her “Forsythia”. On tip-toes, I peeked over the garden wall and quickly snapped a few photos before anyone noticed my presence. Image title: Forsythia in Spring To purchase this microstock image, go to: Dreamstime or Bigstock Photo

Chile peppers

Chile Time!

New Mexico is the chile pepper (or chili if you live outside of NM!) capital of the United States. From mid-August to early-October it’s chile roasting time in Santa Fe! Chile roasters are set up in local parking lots, blistering their spicy contents over an open flame. The aromatic aroma of roasting chile peppers is irresistible. Whether you like it fiery hot, Christmas (green and red) or a toned down milder version, you’ll be intoxicated by the sights, smells and tastes of New Mexico chile. This photograph was a quick snap at our local Farmer’s Market. Image title: Chile Peppers To purchase as a microstock image in various sizes go to: Dreamstime