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Stock photo - Sunset on Solar Panels

Sunset on Solar Panels

Some photos simply happen right before your eyes – just grab your camera and find the right angle. This solar array generates all of the electricity for my home. It stands right next to our house, efficiently taking in the sun’s rays every day, creating clean renewable power and silently fighting climate change. Yep, my husband and I are extremely proud of our array! One afternoon I was admiring a cold winter sunset as it glowed on the horizon. Looking over at the photovoltaic cells, I noticed the clouds had painted vibrant strokes over the dark panels. As the colors were fading fast, I quickly grabbed my camera, dashed out the door and snapped two or three images at a low angle before the sun dipped out-of-site. Late, when I downloaded the photos to my computer, I loved what I saw! A gorgeous solar landscape! Title of stock photo: Sunset on Solar Panels This stock image is available at: Dreamstime

Big Sky Clouds

Big Sky Clouds

Traveling on Interstate 25, heading south between Pueblo, Colorado and Raton, New Mexico, this is the view of the wide-open prairie. Amazing cotton-ball clouds hung in the air that day, as if Ms. O’Keeffe had painted them herself. That little voice inside of me prodded, “take the picture, take the picture!” Luckily I was a backseat passenger that day, with my camera by my side. Of course the driver was trying to make good time and had no intentions of pulling over on the side of the highway so I could snap a photo. So I did the next best thing. I rolled down the window, braced my lens against the onslaught of rushing air, held my breath and shot off as many photos as I could before the big-sky landscape was gone from view. I knew most of the images would probably be blurry with motion, but I had to take the chance. So glad that I did. I was rewarded with one perfect photo and “Big Sky Clouds” has now become my top-selling microstock image! Image title: …