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Ancient Tile

Ancient Tile

Sometimes it’s all about the details. Walk through the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico and you’ll come across panels of brightly colored Mexican tile on the exterior of many adobe buildings. Just a bit of  frivolity and whimsy to brighten the mud-brown walls of the city. I particularly like photographing these decorative architectural elements, as they make beautiful microstock images used as “patterns” or “backgrounds”. Image title: Ancient Tile To purchase this microstock photo in various sizes, go to: Dreamstime

Forsythia in the Spring

Forsythia in Spring

As I strolled through the tiny village of Galisteo, New Mexico one chilly spring morning, I spied a forsythia bush growing within the walled-garden of an ancient adobe home. I love the yellow blooms of forsythia, fluttering in the breeze – beckoning fickle spring to finally arrive. The name itself sweetly tickles the tongue as it falls from our lips. If ever I had a daughter, I would name her “Forsythia”. On tip-toes, I peeked over the garden wall and quickly snapped a few photos before anyone noticed my presence. Image title: Forsythia in Spring To purchase this microstock image, go to: Dreamstime or Bigstock Photo